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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer (first stage) at the age of 51 as a result of a routine check-up with my GP. Previously I had no symptoms or warning signs of the cancer. During a check-up with my GP I asked about the Government Screening Kit which I had received but ignored. My GP handed me another kit and recommended I do it. I undertook the stool test which came back positive.

My GP recommended I have a colonoscopy as soon as possible - it was booked and undertaken two weeks later. Three weeks later I went in for surgery and had 10-15 cm of my lower bowel removed.


On 24 January 2010, The Sunday Mail in Queensland ran an article on celebrity health; I was going to turn the page until I saw Lara Bingle in a bikini!

Being a true Aussie bloke, I decided the article needed a closer look and found myself reading a genuinely interesting story.  

In 2004, I had experienced a serious change in bowel habits and occasional stomach pains but, like many, I just put it down to work stress. I would also feel very tired and shaky and get the sweats after only a couple of hours work in the garden.

On April 30 2019 I went for a colonoscopy and knew it wasn’t good news straight away, we were sent for CT and MRI scans immediately after being discharged. On May 2 I was meeting my colorectal surgeon and was told I had Stage 4 colorectal cancer that had spread to my liver. It was a complete shock for me and my family. 


I am 61 years old and was diagnosed two months after my last birthday. After surgery and histology I was diagnosed at T1 N0 M0.

Finding the cancer was completely serendipitous. I went to my GP mid-August complaining of indigestion and she prescribed some tablets and said I needed to go for an endoscopy to find out if there was anything else happening.


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 54.  I had been feeling tired for some time and had been experiencing pain when I sat down, which I self-diagnosed as haemorrhoids and was treating with herbal cures.  I eventually saw my GP after about three months when the pain still hadn’t gone away.  The GP gave me a physical examination and sent me for a CT scan, which took a few days to schedule. 

Within a week of receiving the results of the scan, I was referred to a colorectal surgeon and soon after had a colonoscopy, which was almost pointless because they couldn’t get the camera past the lump in my colon.  More tests were ordered and my tumour was eventually diagnosed as stage 3.

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